Because you love your car.

The unit, hidden in your car, calculates permanently its position and movements thanks to the GPS receiver and the accelerometer.
It is equipped with an international SIM card and transmits all information in real-time to your Smartphone or tablet iOS/Android.

In this way you always know the exact position of your car.

You forgot where you parked your car? The application downloaded on your smartphone will guide you.


  • Because you love to drive.
  • Visualize your routes on your Smartphone (Google Maps) in real-time and keep track of your routes
  • Discoverthecovereddistances,timeand average and maximum speed of all your routes

The Q-subscription includes:

  • Access to the mobile Q-application (iOS of Android) and to all upgrades
  • Back-up of your data on our servers during 3 months and the history of all your routes during this period
  • Connexion to a certified remote control room in case of theft *


Because you want the best possible protection.

  • Visualize at any moment the exact position of your vehicle.
  • Activate from a distance the function preventing your vehicle to be restarted
  • In case of theft, a certified remote control room will use the Q functionalities in order to assist the police forces to recover your car*.

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