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We make the difference! Thanks to 25 years experience in direct sale of customised and tropicalised vehicles to the Middle East, Africa and South America. Our key service is the immediate shipping, of large orders of vehicles worldwide and in the shortest time. Our huge stock of vehicles, located in our logistics center Antwerp and Dubai are always ready-to-ship international as fast and safe as possible.

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Strategic Stock

Autoredo has a permanent stock of 2.000 to 3.000 vehicles ready for shipment from our Antwerp and Dubai facilities at any given time. This enables us to cover the whole African continent and other remote places of the globe.

Competitive Prices

25 years of being active in the export and import business, made us the first choice partner of large scale suppliers in the automotive industry.

In-house Logistics

Our in-house logistic team, with a combined 30 years’ experience will make the process as smooth as possible, strong partnership with major shipping lines and a network of agents, ensure the most competitive rates and most efficient routes to main African destinations.

Complete Solution

Whether you choose your vehicle to be shipped in Container or Roro service , Our vehicle team ensures that the pre-delivery checks are carried out , that the vehicles are cleaned and for RoRo service, that all easily removable items are placed in a safe box , secured to the vehicle, avoiding unpleasant surprises upon arrival.

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