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Strategic Stock


We are paying very close attention to our customers needs. We are able to supply a wide range of tropicalised vehicles from various brands. Whether you’re looking for Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hyundai or others, we have the vehicle you’re looking for in large quantities. Our stock holds an impressive quantity of Pickup’s and 4WD SUVs  but we also have a large number of vehicles like compact and midsize sedans, minibuses and buses, ambulances, light trucks available for immediate transport… Combined with one of the world’s best shipping services, our stock will make swift deliveries of large orders of vehicles a formality.

Competitive Prices


A large stock of vehicles gives us substantial leverage to negotiate the purchase of tropicalised vehicles by the hundreds at the most competitive prices. Being a major player in the European automotive industry, brings us credibility among suppliers, giving us access to their unlimited resources in terms of variety of models and places us one step ahead of the competition. We are offering African customers a selection of the newest models available in the market. We’ve developed a strong bond with major shipping lines, guaranteeing a special and close attention to details and at the most competitive shipping rates. All these elements combined, are the reason why we offer the best price, quality and service package one can hope to find in the automotive industry.

In-house Logistics


Our long-term partnership with a leading shipping line which is operating out of Europe to West Africa, guarantees not only a cost effective overall solution, but also the shortest transit times to the closest port of destination. Every year we are shipping large volumes of vehicles, this allows us to have a priority loading and preferential rates. Whether you want us to deliver your vehicles to the country of destination or if you need to consolidate with personal effects, we can always arrange with your moving company (diplomatic sales). This long term and successful relationship, combined with the constant search of new reliable partners, places us in first position to deliver the best combination in price and quality service.

Complete Solution


With a fully owned stock covering 28,000 square meters only for our harbour location in Antwerp, from Toyota, Mitsubishi, to Nissan or Renault, there will be the right vehicle for you, we are happy to take you there for a look around. Each customer has its own needs and each territory its conditions, this is the reason why we offer more than just off-the-shelf vehicles. Our large range of accessories will allow you to personalise, re-enforce and get the best of your purchase. From 4WD accessories, bull bars, snorkels, suspension upgrades, mining equipment, roof rails, tires, wheels, bed liners, skid plates, hardtops and other spare parts, thanks to our in-house vehicle preparation team, we can make it happen for you. Some requirements may take the concept of a bespoke vehicle to the next level. Mining vehicle, medicalised units or escort vehicles we have the expertise for most complex needs – it’s always worth asking our team of experts.

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