In import-export, jow would I now if the seller is reliable?

It’s easy to verify the reliability and credibility of a tropicalized vehicles seller specialized in vehicle import and export business with Africa or the anywhere in the world. It starts with a simple visit on the website www.autoredo.com where you will find various ways to contact the seller (mail, phone, request form or social network) who will answer immediately by phone or within 24 hours by mail. A permanent and visible stock of over 2.000 vehicles also shows a seller’s reliability. It’s always possible to set up a meeting on site for a visit of our stock with an experienced salesman. Ask for pictures of the tropicalized vehicle detailed in your offer and you will receive them taken straight from our stock within 24 hours. Another effective way to verify an export company’s credibility is her experience and presence for over 25 years on the African continent confirmed by an impressive number of partners satisfied with our services.

What is the average delivery time for Africa?

Our in-house logistic team combining 30 years’ experience will offer a complete solution, priority loading and preferential rates for a swift shipping of your SUV, pickup, Sedan to your choice of African port.

Being in Roro or container service, in average, the transit time out of Antwerp is 15 days to the main western African countries with a frequency of 3 to 4 ships every month. From Dubaï, it’s containers only and the average transit time is 45 days to western African countries.

How does ordering work?

Once you have chosen your pickup, SUV, minibus with our commercial team, if you want to go through with the commercial offer, it’s pretty simple, you just have to send it back to us signed and dated with the mention “valid for agreement”. Based on that, we will put a one-week reservation on your vehicle. At the end of that reflexion period, to validate the order, all you have to do is proceed with the payment using bank transfer , Letter of credit or standby letter of credit , our financial department will be able to assist you with the procedure. You will then receive both VIN and engine number allowing you to start the importation process.

How to contact us?

To purchase your tropicalised vehicle for Africa You can contact Autoredo’s sales team in Belgium or Dubai by phone… Whatsapp ……, email…. or on the chat on our website www.autoredo.com

Is it possible to install extra accessories to my vehicle?

Each customer has its own needs and each territory its conditions and terrain, reason why we offer more than “off the shelf” vehicles, our large range of accessories will allow you to personalise, re-enforce and get the best of your purchase, from Bull bar, bed liners to skid plate or Hardtops, we will source and fit for you thanks to our dedicated vehicle team.
Some requirements may take the concept of “Bespoke vehicle” to the next level. Mining vehicle, medicalised unit, or escort vehicles, we have the expertise, for more complex needs, it is always worth asking our team of experts.

Do you sell spare parts?

Being for an SUV, a pickup or a people carrier, access to genuine parts is crucial to ensure longevity of your vehicle.
Should you have chosen to get a spare part kit shipped with the vehicle or need it later on, both our team in Antwerp and Dubai will be here to help.

Which countries do you export to?

Autoredo exports in over 50 countries in Africa, Middle East, south America, Asia, you can find the list of the most frequents ports in Africa, alongside a guide to choose the type of transport for you, as well as the most suitable incoterm for your destination on our Import and export tab

How do you handle the vehicles?

All are vehicles are handle by our team on the logistic platform in Anwerp to be PDId, washed and all removable items are stored in a “Safebox” secured to/ inside the vehicle for all Roro shipments

What are the required documents for the for exporting?

Depending on the county of destination, various documents are required, to ensure a smooth import process, our logistic department will provide you with all necessary documentations, Bill of Ladings, Invoice, inspection documents, tracking note, certificate of origin, export declaration

What are the perks of buying off-shore (international import-export) compared to local (Official distributors) ?

Our vehicles are tropicalized just like the vehicles sold locally by the official distributors in Africa. Our vehicles comply to African tropicalization requirements with features such as reinforced suspension, fridge, extra fuel tank for some 4WD vehicles, etc… Autoredo sells tropicalized vehicles at a more competitive price than the local market price. Last but not least, thanks to a permanent stock in Antwerp, our vehicles can be shipped on very short notice.

How to export a vehicle to eAfrica from Belgium or Dubaï?

Depending on the brand and the model of tropicalized vehicle you are looking for, you can rely on our stock in Antwerp or Dubaï to provide the tropicalized vehicle that suits you best. Depending on the destination, we will provide the best shipment option to deliver as soon as possible. Maritime transport or air freight for urgent orders, combined transport… Once the purchase of your tropicalized vehicle is confirmed, we put you in contact with the logistic department that will assist you during the whole shipment process.

My tropicalised vehicle is exported, what are the steps for see transport to Africa?

Shipping a tropicalized vehicle to Africa from our Antwerp or Dubaï stock is very easy : our logistic team will handle the expedition using RoRo or container services and will get in direct contact with the buyer to give all the vessel’s details that will be carrying the vehicle(s) to the african port of destination. Once the purchase is complete, the vehicle is delivered on dock for departure until the ship arrives. Once the ship leaves the harbor with the vehicles loaded onboard, our logistic department will send you an e-mail confirming that the ship left the harbor for his journey to Africa. 4 labor days after the ship sailed away, Autoredo receives the Bill of Lading that we send the same day using DHL express services together with the spare keys. Thanks to the bill of ladings you will be able to retrieve the vehicle and start customs formalities.

Is it better to export in container or in RORO?

Depending on your budget and the type of vehicle ordered, we have 2 shipping solutions to offer to meet your requirements: RoRo or container. RoRo stands for Roll on Roll off. The tropicalized vehicle is driven onboard and is driven outside of the ship once it reached its final destination in Africa. It can be any kind of tropicalized vehicle: compact size, Pick Up, SUV or even trucks, there is room for large quantities. It’s one of the most affordable and yet reliable solution to have your vehicle shipped to Africa. If you are really concerned with security, you can choose to have your vehicle shipped in a 20’ container (6 meters long) or in a 40’ container (12 meters long) depending on the number of vehicles to ship. The container is safely locked and can be loaded as such on a adapted truck if the vehicle purchased must transit to another African country.

Is my vehicle safely exported to African havens?

All tropicalized vehicles leaving our stock are secured thanks to a metal box filled with every removable items inside the vehicle. If your tropicalized vehicle uses RoRo services, it will be loaded in a VIP area dedicated to brand new tropicalized vehicles for more safety. If your vehicle travels in a container, before it’s loaded on the ship, Autoredo will make sure it’s properly anchored to avoid any undesirable movements when sailing. The container is then locked and sealed.

What is an Incoterm?

The Incoterms or International Commercial Terms are a series of pre-defined commercial terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) relating to international commercial law between sellers and buyers. When Autoredo sells a tropicalized vehicle, Toyota or any other brand, the Incoterm will have to show on the offer or the invoice to refer to the type of transportation chosen with insurance or not and where it will be delivered. For exemple, if a customer requests a quote for a pickup Toyota shipped to Dakar with insurance, the incoterm used with the offer will be CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) Dakar (the port where the vehicle will be unloaded).

What is a tropicalised vehicle?

A multi brand car reseller’s greatest asset is to offer their African customers a wide range of tropicalized vehicles from a great variety of brands (Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Renault, Land Rover, Mazda, Ford,etc …) at a very competitive price thanks to our capacity to purchase large stocks of 4WD vehicles negotiated at the best price. From our customers prospective, this means that finding the best suitable tropicalized vehicle for their needs is much easier than having to address multiple car dealers. Our team of experienced and multi brand oriented salesmen will be assisting our customers with professional advices to help them find the tropicalized vehicle of their dream.

Are off-shore buying covered by any warranty or after-sales service?

Yes, with every tropicalized vehicle sold, Autoredo provides a 1 year or 20.000 km warranty to all their customers. This warranty covers the engine, gearbox and deck, originally mounted on the tropicalized vehicle, which under normal use conditions would be defective in material or workmanship.